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It is Super Easy to Join the Ooh! Box Tribe                     Join Now

  • The Ooh box will be delivered to your home or office once a month for R535 (Value per box is R620-R800+) – Delivery is included in this subscription price.
  • Initial Subscription Term is for 3 months. If you’re still enjoying your Ooh! Box after your initial 3, do nothing – your membership will automatically continue at the monthly subscription rate until you cancel. You can easily cancel by sending a mail to member@theoohbox.com, 24 hours a day
  • We accept recurring billing to your VISA and Master card or a Debit Order off your Bank Account. All payments are processed on the 1st of your Ooh Box Month.

What do you get for your Monthly Investment?

Wines (4 Bottles)

We save you time and introduce you to new favorites. How?

Each month we will deliver 4 new wines for your consideration. We seek the smaller boutique wineries, producing wines that you might never have tasted before, the hidden gems. It takes us hours to find them because they are off the beaten track.

We also hunt for the new releases. These gems make it into The Ooh Box and you get to try them at a cost far below what you would have paid buying them in store or even from the producer. Each wine is presented with its own tag, each tag contains contact information such as cellaring potential, contact details and price of that particular wine. You will also find a matching recipe in The Ooh Box. All in all, a uniquely Ooh! experience.

Something Sweet

Have you ever tasted Angelfoods Fudge or Ma Mere Maison’s Salted Macadamia Brittle? What about Darling Pomegranete’s Turkish Delight or Dunk Biscuits?

If you have not, you have been missing out on some of life’s truly amazing delights. These “secret” manufacturers are not to be found in your local store yet, what they produce is soooooo much better. We bring them to you.

Enough said…


Same goes for all our treats. Mushroom Biltong (yes, taste exactly like Biltong) Bacon Jam, Indian Piccalilli, Rhubarb and Ginger Preserve, Orange Chili Chutney, Sundried Tomato Chili Pesto…….the list is endless.

“Hot” Drink

Hot Chocolate Pots, Beans about Coffee Sidewalk Blend, Tribe Coffee Chocolate Block, TWG Tea, Gluhwein, Sangria…. we take the pain out of finding that special new “hot” drink for you. Get to taste them, love them and make them part

of your household goodies.

Olive Oil, Balsamic or Condiment

Lemon Infused Olive Oil, Rio Largo (Double Gold Olive Oil Winner), Buck’s Ridge (Gold Olive Oil Winner),Cabernet Sauvignon Balsamic, Pomegranate Reduction (great on Sushi!) Lime and Coriander Salad Sauce.Each month we will bring you a new one to try.

Delivered to your door

No traffic, parking tickets, car guards, standing in queues or any of those annoying things. Delivery straight to your home or office.

The Ooh Box Monthly Subscription

R535 / Month. This monthly investment gets you all of the above. You can cancel at any time, for any reason.

Terms of Service

No Contracts

Initial Subscription is for 3 months, after that you can leave at any time, for any reason.

Our approach is simple. If we are not adding enough value to justify this relationship then we should part. If you find we offer you great value, stay. This means that you get an Ooh Box for as long as you want.

Money Back Guarantee

If you are not satisfied with your first Ooh Box, no matter what the reason, we will collect that Ooh Box from you (all contents must be unopened in the box when we collect) refund you in full and end your subscription immediately. This means that you run no risk in trying out our service for the first month.

Easy Cancellation Process

You can cancel by any of the following methods:

  • An email to – member@theoohbox.com
  • An email to Jaco – jaco@theoohbox.com
  • Or you can call – Jaco 0827755184

Multiple Payment Options

  • We accept these forms of payments:
  • Monthly recurring Credit Card payments (VISA or MASTERCARD);
  • Monthly recurring Bank payments (Instruction off your Bank Account)


7 Days prior to due date, you will receive an invoice from our membership management system, which makes it easy to reconcile the financial aspect of our relationship. Bank and Credit card payments will automatically be processed on the 1st working day of the new month.


Why not see what all our members rave about?

Take this zero risk approach to tasting a slice of delicious and we guarantee you will love your experience.

What are you waiting for?

If you love wine and gourmet goodies, this is where you can discover new treats and at price which not only saves you money but time as well. Let us help you find and enjoy little pleasures!

How to Join

To join, simply go here and complete the online form and then fill in your payment details using our extremely secure Checkout system.

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